CHAIN MAG: The Interaction Issue


Chain Magazine: The Interaction Issue
Editorial Design


Remember when your mother used to tell you “don’t talk to strangers”? At a young age we were taught to avoid interaction with people that we did not know, to overt our eyes, say “no thank you,” and move on. This rule, once used to shield us from harm, remains ingrained in the habits of New Yorkers. In New York City, a place filled with millions of people and full of opportunities for interaction, it is expected that you avoid contact with the people around you, regardless of whether you are squished up next to them in a subway car or not. We revert to staring at our phones, we memorize the tiles on the ground, anything to give us some mental space to make up for the fact that we don’t physically have any. But what are we missing by not looking up? What do we have to lose by avoiding interaction? 

This issue of CHAIN Magazine explores this complex cycle of interactions, or lack there of, and the people who are actively effecting change and encouraging interaction in a city full of strangers.